Home Entertainment Gists Store Owner To Tonto Dikeh: “You Bought Fake Bags From Me And You’re Owing Me N192,000″ | Read Up
Store Owner To Tonto Dikeh: “You Bought Fake Bags From Me And You’re Owing Me N192,000″ | Read Up

Store Owner To Tonto Dikeh: “You Bought Fake Bags From Me And You’re Owing Me N192,000″ | Read Up


Oh well, this is the sort of stuff she’s usually known for, getting herself in all sorts of drama and fights.

An unknown store owner has gone on Instagram to cry wolf as she claims Tonto Dikeh owes her money.

She said Tontolet is owning her N192,000 and that she bought fake Givenchy bags from her since she can’t afford the original.

According to the shop owner:

“Dear @tontolet, thank you for pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I trusted you as a celebrity and gave you a Givenchy luggage bag and handbag with you promising you will pay, you couldn’t afford the original so you asked for the replica, You ordered March 8th it was delivered March 20th and u had to pay that day but. its been over one month and it’s been story after story, you ignore my messages and calls, you claim your assistant was going to pay me, I called Peter and he said the check you gave him on the 8th bounced on the 10th.

“Dear Tontoh I am a young girl 23yrs old trying to run a business, I am embarrassed and I am upset at myself that I trusted you as a public figure to pay me back, now I ask you my money you block me on Instagram? Who does that? when I read the tiannah story I thought it was a lie but I am still amazed at the fact that you have stooped so low and blocking me when you owe me. You will pay me by fire by force, you will not bully me, I have lost respect for you as a woman and as a human. i will make sure everyone knows who you really are so you don’t go dupe another young girl, thank God I didn’t give you the authentic bags if not where will I be? God sees all the devil we do and it will come back to you x10000. repay my money. lets not forget the moschoni dress shirt and you just called to threaten me? that weed you are smoking is really making you delusional. You are a sorry excuse of a celebrity when real celebrities and actresses call themselves please remove you name from the list. keep threatening my life I have all text messages to backup. fake wannabe celebrity you couldn’t even afford authentic designer Gucci bags you chose fake givenchy like all your other fake bags, you don’t even know authentic designer things.”





  1. Hahahahahhah LMFAO, I wanna be babe, Abeg go and pay her. U don't have money u went and buy bag.abi ur sugar daddy dey fuck u osho,free? Lol Abeg u must pay

  2. U guys b so quick to jump into conclusion she’s not oweing check @tontolet on Instagram n see the conversation between her n d stor owner

  3. Kem dont mind them. Sum pple donnot know d importance of collective evidence. I.e from both parties. How can tonto b sooo broke for a hundren and ninety two K. Nawao

  4. Obviously cos she is a celebrity she must use an authentic ? U people get things wrong most of d time. I really hope u treating a customer ds way has gotten u ur money? What’s our business with the transaction and authenticity of product.
    @Tontolet, I really hope u pay after all ds embarrassment…Cos ds embarrassment is way more than 192,000.00… I am so sure she doesn’t need d money anymore. Enjoy d bags tontolet…. 23yr old business owner find a strategic business way of handling customers like tonto…


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