Home News Stop Xenophobic Attacks In 7 Days Or We Will Retaliate in Nigeria – NANS
Stop Xenophobic Attacks In 7 Days Or We Will Retaliate in Nigeria – NANS

Stop Xenophobic Attacks In 7 Days Or We Will Retaliate in Nigeria – NANS



The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), has given the South African Government a seven day ultimatum to stop the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans resident in that country,or face reprisal attacks in Nigeria.

Their stance was made known in a statement issued to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Saturday.The statement, signed by Nwankwo Ezekiel, NAN’s Public Relations Officer, reads

“ NANS condemns the sudden surge of attacks and deaths of our brothers and sisters and loss of their properties in South Africa as a result of xenophobia attacks.
“ It is with deep sense of sadness and brotherhood that we are urging the South African Government to ensure an urgent solution and bring to an end attacks on our own citizens and their businesses within the next seven days.“If the attacks and looting are not stopped within seven days, we will be left with no alternative than to go against all the South African investments in our noble country, Nigeria.
“We will not stop at this but will go further and make all South Africa citizens residing in our country uncomfortable’’,,It said



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  1. Am a great supporter to “NANS” point of view and ultimatum passed. South africa’s will face the rot of my anger if they don’t stop within this period of grace. #gat some #SA citezens close by. Pls see reasons to stop or bear same pains that I feel right now.

  2. seven days is good enough for the SA government to take action but if nothing is done, we should make them permanent enemy, the consequence you know!!!

  3. Where is our government….i wish our presidents daughter was killed in d attack den he will have balls to act like a male president ….please in d Nigerian attack lets be wiser dan dem…
    strategy 1: Kill all SA ownners of companies in Nigeria….SA…citizens…stone dem to death….n take over d companies….
    chain others xcluding children n make dem work in quarry sites for 2days …
    strategy 2: give dem cement chop n video it.
    strategy 3: use dem Test our locally Made HIV drug n if dem nor respond to quarantiend treatment for 5days …delete dem….den SA government go beg ….him go hail ….

  4. I don’t think “NANS” feel what Nigerians are even facing in SA? Now tell us is this how will going to fold our arms? You people now said 7days, Tell us how many soul will be wasted before 7days? Well i was only passing by, i just branch to say “HI” but i want you to know that there are group of people that has been gather now to do there own wish to pay back whats happen to Our Brothers and Sistersfrom Nigeria and does from other countries in SA. You people should just sit, relax and keep watching Facebook and other media, be expecting dis same dat happen to Nigeria and Other African countries, On every south Africa Citizens and there Companies and Nigeria including MTN.

  5. I think other Countries need to do the same to South Africans living in different parts of the world.

  6. Why seven days? don't we know many lives have done and more lives still will lose.. I think three days is enough.. i will also kill SA people cause we build their counrty and we will destroy it

  7. This is a very wicked act from South Africans, I just hope there are no South Africans here in Cameroon because if this continues there will be pay back. This happened just some years back when Cameroonians residing in Equatorial Guinea were humiliated and treated same way forgetting many of their sons and daughters come to school here, i tell you there was real pay back to Guineans residing in Cameroon. Hope the all these stupid fooools into this act have all their relatives in SA.

  8. we still have to retaliate our keeping silent over this xenophobia attack in S.A certainly will not bring our victims back to life. let them feel the same pain too,we have to start now … no time

  9. those S.A are really crazy,thy should enroll in schools so that the government can give them priority jobs rather than brutalizing foreigners. too bad

  10. This is terrible. iam starting it in portharcourt here right nw, seven days is like seven yr.


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