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Single VJ And Loving It : Ehiz Okoeguale

Single VJ And Loving It : Ehiz Okoeguale


If you are constant fan of MTV Base i’m sure you will be familiar with Handsome and boisterous VJ, Ehiz Okoeguale, Apparently, the 27-year old dude with dreads as his trademark says he’s currently focused on his carrier and not sure of settling down yet.


A guy with strut and attitude must be getting attention from the female folks, and thats what Ehiz is facing maybe that may be his reason of being carried away.

In a recent chat with The Punch, Ehiz revealed that he’s single and does not have a girlfriend as he tries not to get emotional with any lady at the moment.

He says “I am not thinking of marriage now, maybe in the next ten years from now, I would give it a thought. I do not even have a girlfriend, I am single. I can’t lie, women chase me and it has been so even before I got on the television. I don’t mean to brag but I have never lacked the attention of ladies,” he said.

Speaking further, ‘However, I try not to get emotionally involved with them. I love all my female fans but I make sure our relationship is platonic.’

He also had a swell-time as he anchored last industry nite..



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