Home Entertainment SEE The Final Group Stage Contestants Up For Eviction On Nigerian Idol 5 | Peek
SEE The Final Group Stage Contestants Up For Eviction On Nigerian Idol 5 | Peek

SEE The Final Group Stage Contestants Up For Eviction On Nigerian Idol 5 | Peek


The final set of ten contestants in the on-going season five of the Nigerian Idol TV reality show have been put up for eviction in what is the third and final batch of the group stage performance. 

The contestants, all pooled from the top 30, include 25 years old, Janet Ebiwari Ayoka (Ayoka), Anya Precious Chukusoro ( Precious), 25 years old Musician and Cinematographer, Maurice Nandom Dagwa (Mauriz), Ogunrombi Kunle ( K-peace ), Olowojoba Segun David (David)…

Abia-born Clinton Oti (Meyar), Sopriye Opusunju (Sopriye), Osayomore Joseph Ighonogie (Jaytunes),Okemiri Uloma Margaret (Uloma), 23 years old Obasi Oluchi Ojukwu (Oluchi ) and Cliq Idol winner, Solomon Orubo.

The contestants performed at the weekend before the show’s celebrity judges, Dede Mabiaku, Yinka Davies and Darey ‘Art’ Alade and a live audience at the renowned OMG Dream studios, Ojodu-Omole, Lagos, South Western Nigeria.

Among the contestants whom the show’s three celebrity judges commended for their top-notch act on the night are K Peace, Precious, Ayoka and Sopriye
It was not a pleasantly memorable night for some of the contestants notably Solomon, Meyar and David. Expectedly, there was a rain of knocks from the judges.
 “They cliq you enter, but instead of you to cliq yourself in, you choose to cliq yourself out. That’s what is called sacrilegious. That ojoro no go work,” stated Dede while commenting on Solomon’s performance. 
On his own part, Darey had this to say about Meyar’s performance.  “You expression was incredible, but wrongly directed. You had a slippery start. Your delivery of that song should have been more subtle, but you took a harsh, piercing approach.” 

Speaking further about the overall performances on the night, Darey had this to say: “This set of eleven is not bad at all. They tried their best to put in the work-some of them sleepless night and over singing killed them today, but some really came shining too. Some of them took the songs that did not suit their kinds of voice, but that happens, and it’s a competition. Somebody must make mistakes for somebody else to win. It’s not always in the winner’s hands alone, it’s a mixture of things such as wrong an opponent’s mistakes, wrong choice of songs, etc.”

To vote for any of the contestants, text the respective code of the contestant to 33680. Voting lines opened on Sunday night and will close 11.59 pm on Wednesday. The first three contestants with the highest number of votes will automatically qualify for the top 12 while the evicted eight will hope for the judges’ three wild cards at the conclusion of the group stage phase in a week’s time. The voting codes for the contestants are 530 (K Peace), 523 (Meyar),  521 (Mauriz), 524 (Uloma), 525 (Precious), 526 (Sopriye), 527 (Oluchi), 528 (Ayoka), 529 (David), 522 (Jaytunes) and 531 (Solomon)

Nigerian Idol season 5 is aired on Saturdays and Sundays on the following terrestrial and satellite TV Stations: NTA National (2.30–3pm on Saturdays and 4.30-6 pm on Sundays), STV (both DSTV and Terrestrial, 9.30-10pm/Sat &8.30-10pm/Sun), TVC (8.8.30PM/Sat & 7-8.30pm/Sun), Hip TV on DSTV(4-4.30pm/ Sat & 4-5.30pm/Sun), Superscreen (8-8.30pm/ Sat & 9-10.30pm/Sun ) and Smash Tv (8-8.30pm/Sat. & 8-9.30pm/Sunday on CONSAT). 

Others stations on Startimes are WAP Tv (9-9.30pm/Sat & 9-10.30pm/Sun), AMC (7-7.30pm/Sat & 7-8.30pm/Sun), Rave Tv (7pm), Cool Tv (7.30-8pm/Sat & 9-10.30pm), Wazobia Tv (7.05-7.30pm/Sat & 8.30-10pm/Sun), Real Star Tv (10-10.30pm/Sat & 9-10.30pm/Sun) and Planet TV on GoTV (10-10.30pm/Sat & 9-10.30pm/Sun). 

Nigerian Idol focuses on discovering Nigerian youths with talent in music and giving them a unique platform to take shots at stardom. The eventual winner goes home with N7.5 million cash reward, a brand new car, a recording deal worth N7.5 million with Universal Music label and some high-end devices. 




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