Home Entertainment Rapper The Game Filed A New Lawsuit
Rapper The Game Filed A New Lawsuit

Rapper The Game Filed A New Lawsuit


Speaking of lawsuits, see what I found, American rapper The Game, is been sued for committing the same crime,  twice on the roll.


Now wondering  what he did again? Well,  nothing other than punching a cop yeah! The game Just got slammed with a fresh lawsuit.

Apparently, It was reported that The Game punched an off-duty police officer during a basketball game last month and the cop sued.

Weeks after, a process server and a photographer were sent to hand him the legal papers by the beaten cop. But they were also attacked by the rap star and his gang.

Now, the photographer  Justin Willard  is suing rapper  for his camera which was seized, medical bills for the severe back, neck and head injuries he sustained and for damages.

Funnily enough, the process server who hid in his car the entire time and wasn’t beaten is also suing for emotional pain he suffered … while sitting in his car! Can you imagine?

I love this rapper but I won’t mind he can controlling his temper..



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