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‘My Style Is Always Edgy & African’ – Yemi Alade

‘My Style Is Always Edgy & African’ – Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade is one of the fast-rising singers in Nigeria. In this interview with, Lukmon Akintola, she talks about her music career and her love life.

How would you describe your personality?
I am a person who loves music. I do Afro-pop and RnB, as my genre of music. I am also a graduate of Geography from the University of Lagos.

The titled of your debut album King of Queens is puzzling, why this tag?
For a long time, I have been calling myself King Yemi Alade for reasons beyond having blue blood.

Tell us about these reasons?
It is a clarion call to all female artistes to know that they have to step out of where they are and compete as a guy would. That’s where the inspiration for the title came from.

The title King of Queens is rather insinuative and a lot of people would say you are implying that you are the best female artistes in Nigeria, do you agree?
 I have said this before and I want to put it on record again. The title of my debut album has nothing to do with segregation. When I refer to ‘Queens,’ I’m not just talking to female artistes alone; there are also guys who need to step up their game.

It is difficult to classify your debut album into a particular genre of music, do you agree?
Perhaps because of the artistes who collaborated in the album? However, my genre of music remains Afro pop and RnB. King of Queens showcases different genres from Afro to Highlife, to Reggae to a bit of Dancehall. There is a fusion of everything. It also has artistes like Phyno, Selebobo, Chidnima, R2Bees and Diamond.

Everybody seems to be preaching against nudity in videos these days, what is your take?
We all have our opinion when it comes to nudity. Our cultural dances have to do with hip swinging and the body too and some people might say it signify some things. Personally, I think people just want to have something to say.

What have you learnt from being a female artiste in Nigeria?
I have realized that all good things take time to come to reality. The secret of my success is patience and hard work.

The industry has a crop of fast-rising female artistes doing well. What are your chances of excelling in the long run?
For me, there is no competition. The only competition I have is myself.

Speaking personally, how submissive are you as a person?
I can be very submissive depending on the situation. A Queen still has to be submissive to a King.

You have been performing in top shows in recent times, how does this make you feel?
I love entertainment. It is what I do for a living and I am pleased when I can deliver and it is appreciated.

You were once quoted saying that your late father was the only one caring for you, who is doing that now?
I don’t think any other man is doing that.

When you lost your dad you refused to talk about it, why was this?
It was an issue that centered on my privacy. I wanted to be left alone during the period.

What message would you say you sent out via the song Johnny?
It is about moving on from the position you find yourself if you think it is not positive. You have to just keep moving forward. If you don’t move forward, you will be stagnant.

Let’s talk about your unique dress sense, where did it come from?
Basically, these words explain my style. My style is always edgy and African.

So far so good, are you contented?
I am not far from where I want to be, but I am grateful to God.

Have you had a reason to regret doing music?
I don’t have any regret.





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