Home Entertainment Gists Buhari & Amaechi: The Handshake That Got People Talking | Photo
Buhari & Amaechi: The Handshake That Got People Talking | Photo

Buhari & Amaechi: The Handshake That Got People Talking | Photo



President-elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari and Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi were together recently. They had a handshake that has gotten many Nigerians talking!

What do you make out from the handshake?




  1. The hand-shake between master Buhari and his SLAVE Amaechi—ITS THE REAL slave mentality-that is at play here-can he do that to Jonathan his ijaw brother–whom he did all to crucify for the Yorubas and Fulanis?

  2. there’s more to Amaechi’s hand shake with the incoming President.To me, Amaechi has alot skelton in his waldrop which he is trying to cover.I as well percieve, there is no hiding place for him in Rivers state having lost to PDP after the confrontation he had with PDP allies.The looks on his face during the hand shake tales it all…………………….Baba Buharyyy, your boy is always loyal to your Governmentoooooooo

  3. Oh plz mr taibat if he’s d president elect ehen?is he God?the naija deltans r ready 4 him d way bokoharam gave our president a tough time.

  4. there is nothing to that handshake, let me put it to you, how do you shake one who is your superior. stop reading meaning to irrelevancies.

  5. Please let’s not be sentimental here, remember Buhari is an elderly person first of all, then a retired general, and now the president elect, so alot of respect should come with these 3 things, and it is a northern culture if your elder happens to throw his palms to you then be wise to embrace it with both your hands and with a small bow without steering at the elder in the face, and I know Ameachi as a sharp guy knows these things. But then again the media can always make it look morethan what it’s meant to look for shallow minded people.

  6. Well if u think naija delta the asari and co can give headache to the general, then try it and see how MEN handle rotten eggs… thought it was same northerner yar’adua who supported ex militants…before commenting try and be flashing back..

  7. Una get time o.
    How many of una fit shake elderly person with one hand?
    It’s jst respect n nothing more to d handshake.
    Make una allow them.

  8. @least there are reasonable and responsible people here,by there comment u shalL know them.Rotimi was brought up in south west and we cherish culture and have respect for elders.Carry go Jare. SSG

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  10. Tinubu Bow down lower than Amiechi but no one saw anything against it..just because it's Amaechi now he is a slave.Nigerians pls stop been sycophants and obscurantist


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