Home Entertainment A Candid Piece Of Advice For Olamide – Mi Abaga
A Candid Piece Of Advice For Olamide – Mi Abaga

A Candid Piece Of Advice For Olamide – Mi Abaga


Undisputed rapper and soon-to-be CEO of Chocolate city Jude Abaga, was opportuned to pass a word of advice to audience and in the recent entertainment conference that was held last week and here’s what he said.


Responding to Osagie Alonge’s question, “What advise do you have for someone like Olamide, who isn’t signed to any label but has continued to remain relevant in the music scene?”

He says, ‘If I met Olamide today, I would tell him not to consider himself as successful yet. Success takes a long time. Recently, I discovered First Bank has been in existence for over 120 years, that is success. Audu Maikori is about to step down as CEO of a label after 10 years and the label will still continue, that is success.

‘I would also advise him to hire people who have more knowledge than him and build a structure around them,’ he said

On this note, I think Olamide should not consider himself successful yet because there is more to be done..



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