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15 Famous People Today Who Were Onetime Homeless

15 Famous People Today Who Were Onetime Homeless


This week on our exclusive ‘i thought you knew’ section, we have 15 Stars that stayed pushing and finally made it,undermining the challenges and tribulations…..Everyone has their struggles, and it can be hard to keep working towards your dreams when life tears you down. These famous people prove that if you work hard and don’t give up, you can make it happen.

For me, i’ll say giving up is never an option,when you fall,smile and get back up……God got us always.

First on the list is Michael Oher, His father was incarcerated and murdered while Oher was in high school, leaving Oher homeless until he was adopted by the Tuohy family.


Followed by Jennifer Lopez, left homeless when her parents didn’t support her decision to go to Hollywood.


Also,Dr Phil  was living out of a car with his father until he got a room at a YMCA.

dr phil

Again, Halle Berry ran out of money while trying to catch her big break in New York, and stayed in a homeless shelter before getting a role on ABC.


Even Colonel Sanders was homeless for much of his life, living out of his car with his wife as he tried to find someone to take on his now-famous chicken recipe.


Next up is Eartha Kitt, moved from relative to relative as a child, and her guardians were often abusive. She ran away off and on, living homeless in New York.

Photo of Eartha KITT

And Sylvester Stallone,After being evicted, Stallone lived in a New York bus station for 3 weeks.


Next is Steve Harvey, became homeless after a few gigs fell through. He lived in his car and was homeless for 3 years before catching his big break on Showtime at the Apollo.


Tyler Perry also, lived out of his car after his first production failed. He rewrote the script repeatedly until he caught his break at the House of Blues.


Daniel Craig popularly known as James Bond was homeless before getting his role as 007, couch surfing and sleeping on park benches.


following is Carmen Electra, homeless in her 20s, when her boyfriend stole all of her money and ran off, leaving her penniless.


Chris Gardner was homeless after going broke while competing for a position as a stockbroker. He and his son slept wherever they could until he gained employment.


Lil’ Kim American Female rapper lived in a car with her mother when she was young.


Djimon Hounsou was homeless for 2 years while living in Paris as a teenager.


And last of all is late 2Pac Amaru Shakur went through many brief stints of homelessness, staying in shelters in New York and Baltimore. 2pac



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