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Talent Hunt And The Nigerian Music Industry

Talent Hunt And The Nigerian Music Industry


Talent shows have taken a different proportion in recent years. As communication companies battle for supremacy, they use every available opportunity to show how big they are. MTN Project fame is one of the biggest talent hunt shows in Nigeria with increased financial prizes to be won. There are also Glo X Factor, Etisalat Nigerian Idol, Glo Naija Sings and most recently Star the winner is. These shows takes participants through rigorous musical routines with the hope of producing an all round musician who will take the music industry by storm. Have they succeeded? Many will argue otherwise.

With huge investments in this music shows, one will expect the music industry to be ruled by people who have gone through these somewhat music schools hence produce good music with good lyrics but the reverse has been the case.

Winners of talent shows with all their potentials have failed woefully in the mainstream music industry. Only a handful like Iyanya, Chidinma and Yemi Alade have been able to successfully make it at the mainstream level.

What then could be wrong with these shows? Could they be focusing more on foreign music and not teaching the contestants how to survive in the harsh Nigerian music industry?



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