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How To Succeed As An Upcoming Artiste

How To Succeed As An Upcoming Artiste


Everyday we find people with talent who can’t promote their work and bless the world with it. Today we complain about the lyrics of musicians today but in reality that is what everyone listens to and having spent much to promote the song, they need to make money.

The music industry is tough even for the established stars not to talk about upcoming artiste. So how can an a promising artiste succeed?

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You may not have all the money to pay radio Dj’s or shoot videos for now but you still can do something.

The social media has enormous potentials that can be harnessed for free. It is a crime not to have a song online as an upcoming artiste. Open facebook and twitter pages with your contacts like email and phone numbers and put a link to your song.

Promote your music and don’t be involved in unnecessary online interactions. Follow big names in the industry and tag them to some posts and don’t be afraid to ‘famz’ them.

Keep putting and pushing your things online and you will be surprised how far you will go.



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