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Nigeria’s Show-Off Biz, Real or Fake ?

Nigeria’s Show-Off Biz, Real or Fake ?


In the beginning, entertainment was just entertainment. You can be a musician, actor/actress, writer or whatever creative career you choose for yourself and still live a peaceful, happy and quiet life.

As time went by, it all changed and becoming an entertainer demanded more than just the talent. You can’t be just an entertainer anymore. As people discovered the business in the show, everyone started working on how best to make money. You must be in the show business however to be called a star and make money. If you don’t, penury will become your house mate.

As Nigerian entertainment entered what we may term “entertainment boom” Nigerian entertainers employed every trick learnt from their American colleagues and to be honest, it has paid off.

The new level is the hijacking of the ‘New media’ platforms e.g blogs and social media by these celebrities.

The ‘I must be noticed’ syndrome is so intense lately that people could do anything even if it requires them to strip down to their panties to be noticed.

On instargram you find various levels of show off from celebrities with fans accusing some of displaying fake properties on the photo sharing platform.

As if not enough, the newest discovery is releasing new promo photos on blogs by people we know more for releasing photos than actually being the stars they claim to be.

You find different music stars, actors and actresses online without seeing them in movies or hearing them drop a song. If you are still struggling with your finances, don’t you dare follow these celebs on twitter and instargram or else after seeing them display luxury houses, cars and all what not on the internet, you may just start feeling that God has forgotten about you.

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