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Idris & Samantha Hook Up In Tanzania

Idris & Samantha Hook Up In Tanzania


During Big Brother Hotshots, we noticed how Samantha showed to have a soft spot for Idris and we wondered if there could be more than what meets the eye from these two.

Idris & Samantha Hook Up In Tanzania

At the beginning, the two did not spend much time together as Idris was busy pursuing Goitse and Samantha was never as passionate about the photographer as she is now. She quickly became preoccupied in the second week of the show, initially as the head of house. In the third week, she was seen allowing more time for herself and Idris to talk and bond. Things then escalated as the two could be seen cuddling on each other’s beds and in the house until she was evicted in week six.

Fast forward yesterday, a very excited Idris welcomed the South African beauty to his country Tanzania and it looks like Christmas has already begun for the couple.

Samantha often simply referred to the Big Brother Hotshots winner as her “little brother”. But with Goitse and Ellahout of the picture, it’s fascinating to see how far they’ll go.

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