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What Happened To Our Comedians?

What Happened To Our Comedians?


There was a time we could comfortably call ‘The Comedy Boom’. Numerous comedy shows had massive turn outs giving births to the likes of I Go Dye, Basketmouth, Gandoki and many others.

What Happened To Our Comedians?

The comedy industry was at an all time high and many celebrities started their own comedy shows; Basketmouth and AY are in the forefront of such events.

At that time anyone would have sworn comedy in the country will only get bigger but that seems to be the opposite.

The industry seems to have reached its saturation point and only the established stars are doing well. In recent times we haven’t witnessed as much joy as the shows were known for providing and no new name could be believed to be on a part of greatness.

Could it be because so many comedians are becoming musicians?



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