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WHO To Take Emergency Actions On Ebola Outbreak

WHO To Take Emergency Actions On Ebola Outbreak



The outbreak has killed over 467 people in Guinea , Liberia and Sierra Leone since February, making it the largest and deadliest ever, according to the World Health Organisation. (WHO).

Health officials in West Africa say efforts to contain the worst outbreak of Ebola in history face obstacles such as the suspicion and traditions of local people in the affected area.

Government ministers from 11 countries in the region are meeting in Ghana to plan what’s described as “drastic action”.

The authorities are trying to stop relatives from giving victims traditional funerals which often involving washing the body manually and instead allow them to bevburied by health staff wearing protective gear.

Bustling cross-border trade between the affected countries is also among the factors blamed for the spread of Ebola.
Experts say fear and mistrust are hampering efforts to combat the virus.

The WHO says “emergency action is needed” to contain the virus, which continue to spread like wild fire from rural areas to cities in West Africa. It has dispatched teams of experts to the region and is holding talks this week with the health ministers from 11 countries about what to do next.


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