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TV Diva Wendy Williams calls out Kanye West

TV Diva Wendy Williams calls out Kanye West


TV chat diva Wendy Williams threw some serious shade at Kanye West and his lifestyle as a husband.

Kanye West has ruffled a few feathers lately by comparing being a celebrity to rape, slavery, and the treatment of Blacks in the ’60s, and Wendy wasn’t having it.

In the latest issue of GQ Magazine, Kanye did an interview saying that he wants to give his daughter North a shot at a better life by fighting for better treatment of celebrities.

Wendy, who never holds her tongue, had a few other suggestions for Yeezy, thought! “How about you spent more time with your daughter at home, with your wife doing normal people things?” Wendy said. “Maybe then she’d have a shot at a normal life.” Continuing to say it like she means it, Wendy went on to say that because Kanye is North’s father, all bets are off that she will ever be normal.

Wendy’s been known to get a little snaky when it comes to Kim and Kanye! Back in 2013, when Kim and Kanye got engaged, everyone was shocked–including Wendy, who didn’t think their relationship would get that far.

Wendy was so skeptical that she said if Kanye and Kim ever gotten married that she would literally eat crow. Well, the couple is happily married now. A woman of her word, there’s one twist before Wendy starts chowing down: Kim and Kanye have to be married 73 days.

That’s because Kim’s last marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries only lasted for 72 days.
Kim and Kanye seem to be going strong and ignoring the critics, so it looks like Wendy Williams just might be eating her crow very soon




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