Home News Troops Invade Balmo Forest And Recover Assorted Ammunitions
Troops Invade Balmo Forest And Recover Assorted Ammunitions

Troops Invade Balmo Forest And Recover Assorted Ammunitions



Troops descended on a Terrorists Bases In Balmo Forest, Seize Several Weapons and barricaded the whole area.

A section of the Troops countering terrorists activities in country once again have made headway after they raided, cleared and took over Balmo forest stretching from Bauchi through Jigawa States in a military operation that lasted throughout the weekend.

Military spokesman, Major General Chris Olukolade, in statement on Monday, said that terrorists suspected to be members of the Islamic sect Boko Haram and armed gangs operating in the forests were completely rooted out while some were captured during the operation.

“He said among the captured insurgents were two foreigners who are suspected to be mercenaries hired from another country.

The military also took possession of several weapons and equipment including power generating sets, communication equipment, vehicles, motorcycles, foodstuff and kitchen utensils.

Prior to the operation, Balmo forest with links to the fringes of Sambisa forest was used by terrorists as bases and hideouts for launching attacks.

After the ambush several of the terrorists were captured and weapons and ammunitions of various calibre were recovered.

Altogether, a total of 6 soldiers from he  troop that carried out the operation were lost in the various encounters with terrorists during the weekend while those wounded are receiving treatment.


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