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Trendy Or Trashy?? || Cloth Made With Condoms || PHOTOS

Trendy Or Trashy?? || Cloth Made With Condoms || PHOTOS



Have you ever wondered where expired condoms go to die? What they do with the defective rubbers? Where raincoats are turned into trash? We haven’t. But in case you have, we may have an answer for you.

Adriana Bertini, a Brazilian-based artist and designer, has created a project called “Condom Couture” that has turned her into quite the activist.

She “transforms expired or defective condoms into raw material to be used to make pieces of art,”

Bertini’s work is not only beautiful, but it is a hands-on learning experience. Bertini puts on workshops at various schools and colleges. These workshops are aimed at raising awareness for safe sex strategies in order to combat HIV/AIDS and STIs. Bertini gets young people up-close and personal with the condoms, getting them familiar with the safe-sex tool and encouraging discussions about the roles condoms can play in sex. Participants in these workshops are also taken through the process of dyeing, shaping and assembling condom art.
Bertini has been in the condom clothing game for a while, with some designs displayed on her Facebook page dating back to 1997. She hopes that by seeing pieces made of condoms, it will “inspire dialogue and raise awareness.” She’s debuted designs at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne and has become well-known enough to have designs featured in runway shows. Beyond safe sex, Bertini is also focused on body empowerment. Bertini’s making us feel like we’re on a sex-themed episode of Project Runway and we’re loving it. As her Facebook reads, “Bertini hopes that, by using the very material at the centre of effort to prevent HIV/AIDS to create something new, she can inspire reflection, foster discussion, and challenge taboos.” Her pieces are spreading a great message and are also hauntingly beautiful. Just take a look… …and be sure to spread the word. Keep it safe, kids!



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