Home News Prophet, Pregnant Woman,Their Spouses Die Mysteriously In Lagos
Prophet, Pregnant Woman,Their Spouses Die Mysteriously In Lagos

Prophet, Pregnant Woman,Their Spouses Die Mysteriously In Lagos


On Saturday, June 28. Superior Evangelist Isaiah Adebola and his wife Deborah had already gone to bed after the day’s itinerary when suddenly they heard a knock at the door of their makeshift apartment located within their temporary church premises.

The cleric who was just recovering from an undisclosed ailment managed to open the door only to see his brother in-law, simply identified as Femi aka One-man Mopol. Femi, according to Evangelist Adebola’s son, was a landlord in the neighbourhood.

The visibly agitated Femi was alleged to have beckoned on the cleric to come and pray for his pregnant wife who had some health complications after dinner.

In a jiffy, the cleric and his wife allegedly followed their visitor to his house and that was the last time they were seen alive.

A search for Superior Evangelist Adebola who was the Shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ, Gethsemane parish, Ofin in Igbogbo-Bayeku Local Council Development Area, was allegedly called by the Community Development Association, CDA in the neighbourhood. The Celestial church also raised a team of prayer warriors to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the cleric and his wife who was a commercial try-cyclist driver in the locality.

A member of the church told Vanguard Metro, VM that while the search parties and prayer sessions were still ongoing, neighbours started perceiving an offensive odour and swarm of flies around the One-man Mopol’s house.

A member of the CDA who pleaded anonymity told VM that One- man Mopol who worked with a private company in Lagos, had been absent from his place of work for days, prompting his colleagues to also raise a search party to locate his where-about. Their efforts proved futile until they visited the Ofin community. Calls put on his cell phone and that of his wife were not picked. The putrefying odour and swarm of flies within One-man Mopol’s residence, heightened their anxiety and suspicion. The CDA which was also involved in the search, brought in local security.

Eyewitnesses told VM that the said building was locked from within, thereby preventing people from gaining access into the house. After failed efforts to gain entry into the house, the local security organisation in Ikorodu which was invited by the CDA, climbed the roof of the building through a pidgeon hole.

To their greatest disbelief, they found the remains of the cleric and his wife as well as that of One-man Moplol and his wife. Two of the corpses were allegedly lying in the pool of their own blood while foam was oozing out from One-man Mopol’s mouth. His deceased wife was said be having a mould of food on her hand. This discovery led to the invitation of the men of the Nigeria Police.

VM learnt that it took a while before the corpses were removed from the scene of the crime and taken to the morgue for autopsy.

A resident who pleaded anonymity said One- man Mopol” had a queer character. He was alleged to have divorced his first wife who gave birth to five children for him. One-man Mopol was described as a bully.

When VM visited the Celestial Church in Ofin community last Sunday, a guest speaker was on hand to conduct the service with only three other worshipers. The five children of the deceased could not be located as relations had taken them away.

Two members of the church who simply gave their names as Alfa and Segun, said the cleric was murdered at a time theyneeded him most.

Some residents told VM the disaster was facilitated by the noise from generating sets.

‘’There is no way all of them would have died without the cry for help but the sound of the generators made it impossible for their distress calls to be heard,” one of the said. Meanwhile, a source in CCC, said plans are in top gear to retrieve the corpses from the Corona Court for interment.




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