Home Jokes Nigerians Make Jokes About Ebola Virus Disease: Due To Ebola Virus…
Nigerians Make Jokes About Ebola Virus Disease: Due To Ebola Virus…

Nigerians Make Jokes About Ebola Virus Disease: Due To Ebola Virus…




Girls no longer hug their guys, the highest they give nowadays is 45` instead of the normal 360.
Guys are now afraid to shake their fellow guys instead they throw way salutes like soldiers.(Na their fault?)

People now wear long sleave sweaters, headcovers, and trousers while entering buses and taxi no matter how hot the weather is.. (Lol… See as Naija take turn europe o)..

Neighbors, even family members become suspects at the slightest sign of illness.. (the one wey make my neighbour go call health officers for me because say he see me sneeze 2 times today).

You take a girl out for dinner, drives her back to her house, walk her to the door-step, she leaves you, walks to her door, open it, waves at you and throw a goodnight kiss at you (if you like catch am).

The aboki that sells suya beside our house, dey chop Him suyas
himself these days because even the suya is a suspect (Who wan die?)

Nigeria Police don’t arrest People by Themselves anymore, if You commit any Crime just do the arresting by Yourself. (Just Handcuff yourself come station, use ur hand by seelf enter Cell)

PLEASE!! My friend is no longer dating our Neighbor’s Daughter called BOLA, even if She had Changed name to TOLA, as far as the “OLA” is still there, IT IS OVER BETWEEN HIM AND HER!!..abeg who knows..(His Heart dey vacant o if u dey interested).

As for Me, Arewa, I don start to dey dress like SPIDERWOMAN now to avoid body contact o…(God no go let my Obituary get anytin to do wit EBOLA or anyfin disastrous, e go beta if na sleep I sleep and no wake up) death is not even now sef;) .

YORUBA People in My Area now greets EKU EBOLA.(I dey answer them EKU BACK TO SENDER).

This Ebola outbreak is actually not funny to be candid, we look onto God to help us curb this deadly disease in our society, West Africa at large. Amen




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