Home Interviews Mikel Obi Finally Open Up on His Love Life, Wedding Plans | Full Interview
Mikel Obi Finally Open Up on His Love Life, Wedding Plans | Full Interview

Mikel Obi Finally Open Up on His Love Life, Wedding Plans | Full Interview



We saw you in a poster with Genevieve Nnaji, what’s that all about?

(Laughs) – We work together, it’s a working relationship, we endorse Amstel Malta together. We work together, She’s a very nice person. I mean, I’ve spoken to her a few times and she’s a very lovely person.

When are you getting married?

(Laughs) – When am I getting married? (Laughs again) I’m in a relationship, I’m in a relationship now for 2 years and yes, I’m in love, I’m in love.

What’s the most difficult thing about stardom?

Stardom? It’s part of your job. You have to live with it. There’s no hiding place for you; you have to live with it. I love coming out here and enjoying myself with my fans. I’ve always said if something is planned properly, I will come out and share my time with people. I love interacting, but if it’s not done properly, it’s very difficult sometimes to meet someone and start talking. I’ve always said that I’m a very simple and easy going person, but things need to be done properly. I like to work with schedule, I like to work in a very professional way. So, sorry; sometimes if you guys think I don’t wanna talk to you. I just like things done properly.

It’s obvious that God has been nice to you, what more do you want from God?

Just long life and blessings from Him to bless the people around me and long life for my family, my mum, my dad, my brothers, my sisters and for you fans too. I mean, to be there and keep watching us play and keep supporting us. It gives us joy any time we see our fans come out and support us and keep praying for us. So, all I can ask God for is long life and prosperity.

Football has done a lot for you, what has it not done for you?

(Laughs) – Nothing! It’s done everything for me. Everything! (Laughing).

What is the costliest mistake that any footballer can make?

Not being dedicated; if you are not dedicated. Hard work. If you run away from hard work and think there’s a short cut.
There’s no short cut to success. You always have to give up all extravagance, night life and all that to succeed. You have to!

What’s the best way to attain success and sustain it?

Hard work, and sustaining it is the most difficult part of it. It’s not how you get at the top, it’s how you maintain it, how you stay at the top. So, being at the top, you have to even work twice, three times harder than you did even before getting up there and that’s how you succeed and sustain it.

What don’t you like about being a footballer?

(Laughs) – Nothing! I love everything about it. I love when you guys criticize me for not doing something right, I love when you guys praise me as well. I love all of it!

What made you endorse Amstel Malta after Glo?

That’s the thing with me – I am very picky and I need to find the right brand to work with and for me, Amstel Malta, when I spoke to them, and what they had to offer was what I was looking for. I don’t do too many adverts and it’s about finding the right brand and this is the right brand for me.

Some people feel Mikel is arrogant, why do you think they have that misconception about you?

Yes! Yes! I think so. I can tell you in this interview that you judge me. I’m a very easy going person. I think my friends, my family all know this. People who know me know this. But if you look from afar, you think differently. They say don’t judge a book by the cover, so people need to know me sometimes before they judge me. I’m not arrogant at all.

What are your hobbies?

I play tennis; I play tennis after football.

What’s your fashion fetish?

Fashion? (Yeah!) I wear anything with no logo (Laughs). Yeah! No logo!



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