Home Breaking News Lewis Hamilton Crashes Heavily In German Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Crashes Heavily In German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Crashes Heavily In German Grand Prix



Lewis Hamilton is out of qualifying for the German Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver lost control in the first session in Hockenehim and smashed into the barriers in a heavy crash.

Reporting over his team radio, Hamilton claimed that the brakes had failed but insisted he was “OK” and was able to climb out of the car and walk off the track.

Nevertheless, he was taken to the medical centre for a check-up on his knees with Mercedes confirming the problem was a right-front brake disk failure.


Following his win at Silverstone a fortnight ago , the Brit closed the gap on Nico Rosberg in the standings to four points and set his sights on the overall championship.

However that bid took a major hit on Saturday, with Hamilton set to start no higher than 16th in Sunday’s race.



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