Home Entertainment Gists I Enjoy Killing People Who Are Unbelievers, We Are Well Armed, We Won’t Surrender – Nyanya Bomb Blast mastermind, Aminu Ogwuche
I Enjoy Killing People Who Are Unbelievers, We Are Well Armed, We Won’t Surrender  – Nyanya Bomb Blast mastermind, Aminu Ogwuche

I Enjoy Killing People Who Are Unbelievers, We Are Well Armed, We Won’t Surrender – Nyanya Bomb Blast mastermind, Aminu Ogwuche


Nyanya bombing mastermind, Aminu Ogwuche who was recently extradited from Sudan has vowed to continue with what he termed as spiritual revolution at the least opportunity, as against expectations that will become sober as a result of his ordeal and probably ask for forgiveness.

The suspected terrorist, who spoke in fluent English language said that he has no regrets for his dastardly act in the April 14, 2014 bomb blast that killed over 70 people and injured about 120 others at Nyanya area of Abuja, according to reports from National Daily.

“I don’t deny that I am the executioner of the Nyanya bomb incident. I did it in order to draw government’s attention to our demands. We want our detained colleagues released and compensation paid to those of our colleagues who were killed by the federal troops during operations. We want Islamic rule in the whole of northern Nigeria.
Western education is a sin against Allah. It’s time for dialogue between government and Boko Haram leaders for the way out of the deadlock,” he was quoted as saying.

 “The government must do something now or the bombing will continue. There is no regretting anything because we are fighting a just cause to liberate our people from western education and religion,” the light complexioned and gaunt looking suspected terrorist said.

Ogwuche vowed not to forgive the federal government for waging war against Islamic fundamentalists in the country saying that Boko Haram highest echelon is prepared to contain government determined onslaught against terrorists. “Federal government has been trying without success to wipe out Boko Haram. They killed our leader, Muhammed Yusuf and hundreds of others yet we still exist. We are a force to be recognized. You ignore us at your own peril. We are particularly pained by the killing of hundreds of our members across the forest in northern part of the country. Although we equally killed federal troops, we will never forgive the federal government for the incessant killings. We are well armed to fight back and we will never surrender. Boko Haram is well funded and highly equipped organization with capacity to take over the whole country if it so desires,” Ogwuche ranted.

The Nyanya bomb blast mastermind boasted that he is still lusting to shed more blood of those he described as “infidels.” If I am left alone, I will still kill those infidels who have refused to repent of their sins against Allah. This is my mission on earth. My mission is to wipe out infidels from the face of the earth. You call me bomb detonator, and I love that. I am ready to kill again. In fact, I enjoy killing people who are unbelievers; those deceived by western education and disobedient to Allah and his holy Koran. I don’t care what will happen to me now because if I die, I shall go to heaven for doing god’s work. I won’t beg anybody for forgiveness but I can assure you that my so called trial will not be an easy exercise. If I like, I plead not guilty in court to make things difficult for the federal government but inside my mind, I know I did the damn thing. It is my word against federal government evidence. I know a little bit about the intricacies of the law through the study of several law books. Nobody can push me around because I am not a fool,” said Ogwuche who was born in the United Kingdom.

The captured fugitive terrorist who regaled his interrogators with gory tale of his exploits in the world of violence said he and hundreds of Boko Haram members were trained in Somalia and Pakistan in the science of terrorism. “I don’t deny that we have links with foreign terrorist groups. We have many friends as well as may enemies. It doesn’t matter if I am killed others will continue the struggle. There are millions of Boko Haram members in Nigeria and overseas. Was our great leader Mohammed Yusuf not killed, did his death lead to the end of the Boko Haram? We are determined to start a big jihad across the nation, first, wait and see. Our is something like spiritual revolution. When they arrested Kabiru Sokoto, they celebrated as if Boko Haram is all about Kabiru Sokoto. That is how they celebrated the death of Yusuf Mohammed. They will keep celebrating individuals while million agents of Boko Haram operate,” Ogwuche said.




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