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FIFA World Ticket Fraud- Suspect On The Run

FIFA World Ticket Fraud- Suspect On The Run



Ticket sales for the 2014 World Cup were organised by FIFA itself through FIFA Ticketing AG, a wholly owned subsidiary with the overall responsibility for the ticketing programme for the tournament.

Meanwhile the chief executive of a FIFA partner company arrested as part of a probe into illegal World Cup ticket sales has reportedly gone on the run.

Ray Whelan, who works for ticketing agency Match Services, was one of 11 people taken into custody last week, but was later released without charge.

However, the case has taken a new twist as Whelan is being treated as a fugitive after absconding from his hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

The Briton’s passport is being withheld as the investigation remains ongoing, and he was due to be re -arrested at the Copacabana Palace hotel before he fled.

“He’s now considered a fugitive,” said investigating officer Fabio Barucke. “We have security camera images of him exiting the hotel through a service door.”

Match Services deny any wrong doing and Whelan previously pledged to cooperate with the investigation, stating that he is confident of being exonerated.



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