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Femi Kuti – I Am Not A Nigerian

Femi Kuti – I Am Not A Nigerian



The Nigerian musician and eldest son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, in a chat said he was frustrated with every event and situation in the country.

Highlife musician has said he does believe in Nigerian, hence, he sees himself as a foreigner.

In a recent interview he said that he was frustrated with everything happening in the country, and sighted examples with Boko Haram, electricity, poopr state of education, corruption that has been eating into the fabric of Nigeria and poverty.

The musician also went on to say he was tired of talking about the state of the Nation because it only made him angry.

Suggesting a solution to the many problems Nigeria is facing, he said “Unfortunately, it seems it’s going to
have to be a revolution. There are too many people without jobs. The crime rate has increased. Kidnapping has increased. Ritualists are on the rampage. When you read the papers everyday, you must be totally unhappy. The country is just horrible. There is no security.

“The leaders are supposed to show us how to live with integrity, but we can’t even pick one leader who is totally honest with the citizens.” He concluded



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