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David Beckham Gets Angry With Fans

David Beckham Gets Angry With Fans



David Beckham had serious road rage while heading to the gym with his sons in Brentwood, Los Angeles after a few fans got too close for comfort.

A couple of followers got a little too close to comfort when the hunk was driving into Soul Cycle gym in Brentwood, Los Angeles with his sons which saw him display some serious road rage.

The sexy former England captain hung from his car window and started wagging his finger after someone seriously ticked him off.
“We wouldn’t want to annoy Becks, although, he does look even hotter when he’s mad”. said a witness.

We hope he wasn’t teaching his sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz any bad language as he started arguing with
the offenders before zooming off.

Hopefully he burnt off all of his anger during the workout.



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