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Antar Laniyan Speaks About His Career And Movie Industry

Antar Laniyan Speaks About His Career And Movie Industry



First class veteran actor and seasoned movie director, Antar Laniyan has been around long enough to know what works and doesn’t in the Nigerian movie industry.

In this chat with Weekend Groove, Antar talks about himself, the industry and reveals some secrets never spoken about before.

I started acting at age 15, right from my secondary school days, but I started professionally in June 18, 1980 when I met Ben Tomoloju who was then a journalist.

“Its been wonderful since then, i enjoy and derive pleasure in what I am doing and God has been good to me in my choice of career.”

” I didn’t plan to become an actor but people like my principal, Ben Tomoloju saw my acting skills during my secondary education.”

“I won many awards for my school and so, they encouraged me.”

In one of the competitions, Ben Tomoloju was one of the judges and after the competition, he invited me to his group and that was how the whole thing started.

I wanted to be a soldier as a lad, I used to bring my peers together , marching and I play the commandant role.

When asked about pornography in the movie industry, he said I will only agree when you say a part of Nollywood.

For indigenous actors and actresses, we emphasize on movies that promote our culture, religion , tradition and our type of society.

You wouldn’t be pleased to see feature in one”. he concluded.


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