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Alao Akala – How To End Insurgency In the Country

Alao Akala – How To End Insurgency In the Country



Former governor of Oyo State and strong member of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) “Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala.”

In An exclusive interview he speaks on his life outside government House and the current security situation in the country and how to end the cycle of insurgency among others in the country.

“The security situation of the country is becoming alarming, he said”

In my own opinion Security issues should not be left in the hands of the federal government alone.

It is the responsibility of all. The current security situation in the country is the problem of all of us. Each state government should be responsible for whatever is happening in its domain. Nobody in Abuja would help govern Yobe, Adamawa or Borno State; it is the duty of the governors in the respective states to take charge and ensure that there is peace and stability in those places.

With due respect to the army, no matter how sophisticated the army is, this is not a war they can easily win. It is one that everybody has to participate in order for the nation to win.

If the police are in charge, they would send intelligence officers to mingle with the areas they consider as Boko Haram black spots to be able to gather vital information in dealing with them. So, my suggestion is that the police should be brought in; army should be in the background. Why we have mobile policemen is because of this type of situation, MOPOL is a sort of para-military and they are well armed and well trained to face this type of a threat to the society.

These Boko Haram insurgents are mobile and it is difficult to pinpoint their exit or entry point. If you approach them from the North, they will exit from the East and when they are moving, they do so in trickles and not enmass like the way they were able to identify them in Abia.

My thinking is that the police are trained to dialogue while the military is trained to fight and kill.



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