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A Man Who Claims He Survived Ebola Virus

A Man Who Claims He Survived Ebola Virus



The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has hit “unprecedented” proportions, according to relief workers on the ground, with the WHO reporting 844 cases including 518 deaths since the epidemic began in March.

There is no cure or vaccine to treat Ebola, but the aid agency MSF has shown it doesn’t have to be a death sentence if treated early.

Ebola typically kills 90% of patients but the death rate in this outbreak has dropped to roughly 60%.

The WHO reported 844 cases including 518 deaths since the Ebola epidemic began in March.

A man who hails from the south of Guinea, Saa Sabas says he caught the virus from his father who died from the disease.

After his death the medical staff realized he had presented Ebola symptoms and as I had close contact with him, it meant that I was at risk. So they told me that I needed to be followed up for 21 days and if ever I
felt a small fever I had to come to the health center. The countdown then started for me: after nine days I got fever and this persisted until the 11th day.

Finally I went to the treatment center where I did an Ebola test which was positive.

I received medical assistance at the Ebola treatment center, put in place at the health centre of Gueckedou.

The medical staff provided me with oral medications and infusions and They also gave me with food.
I suffered at lot in the beginning with diarrhoea and hiccups but with the treatment I started to feel better.That was how I survived the virus. He concluded

Despite recovering, he says he was stigmatized by his community.

“Now, over time, they have learned to accept me. Now they call me ‘ Mr-Ebola,'” he says



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