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I don’t have a daughter out of wedlock – Benita Nzeribe 

I don’t have a daughter out of wedlock – Benita Nzeribe 


Benita Nzeribe started out as a teen star in Nollywood and later grew into adulthood long before the industry started experiencing the boom it now enjoys. Though quick to say she got into the industry by accident, the light-complexioned beau has carved a niche for herself. That is why her endorsement as Ambassador for two separate institutions is not a surprise. In this interview, she talks about her career, endorsements and refutes  the rumour making the rounds that she has a love child.
It seems your love for acting has vanished ?
How do you mean ? I’m still and will remain an actress.

But you’ve been away  from the big screen for some time now. What have you been up to ?
I was really not away . One thing about entertainment is that no one ever leaves it . I have been around and I’m active. I do jobs that come my way but I am a very patient person and not swayed at all . I have not been away from the big screen. I just have a different project and responsibility on my shoulders and I’m moving on by the grace of God .

What are some of those projects you’re currently handling ?

As you very well know,  I am a UN Peace Ambassador and as such stand for world peace. Ambassadors work towards peace from the grassroots. Personally, I am more convinced than ever before that there should be peace in the inner mind of every human being created by God. Sadly, not every human being has been able to discover that inner mind and access the peace that is much needed for  its growth and development for success .

World peace is still a tall order in our world today.  However, nothing is impossible with God . I shall continue to call on Him for strength and direction as I pursue this awesome assignment. World peace must be achieved to an impressive  percentage .



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