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WOW! N-Delta Oil Bunkerers Demand Amnesty From The FG


It has been said that one of the major problems facing the Nigerian economy is oil theft as billions of Naira is lost to it every year. The Federal Government has therefore been fighting hard to check the increasing rate of oil theft in the country with special task forces working round the clock to catch oil thieves.
Oil bunkerers and illegal refinery operators in Niger-Delta on Saturday said they feel the pain of the FG and Nigerians, and they are ready to stop stealing oil, but there is a condition; they want amnesty and reparation from the Federal Government.
In a statement by their spokesperson, White Tamana, the illegal refinery operators said that their call was sequel to the on-going arrangement by government to grant amnesty to members of the terrorist Islamic sect, Boko Haram.
The group also called for the release of its members arrested by government for involvement in oil bunkering.It, however, warned; “We will continue to participate in the illicit trade until the Federal Government offers us amnesty and reparation or indemnification for our property, such as the refineries, boats, and houses being destroyed by the government.”
“We must take what belong to us by force, any attempt to stop our operation by force will reignite militancy in the region, such will be worse than what we are seeing today, burning of our operational camps cannot stop our operations, the more the JTF burn our camps, the more we spring up,” he said.

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