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Tonto Dike’s Performance At AY Live [Review]


It’s no longer a hidden fact that the line between the Nigerian movie and music industry is gradually becoming blurred if it hasn’t downright disappeared, with actors and actresses trying out the music scene and musicians trying out their acting skills.
Not altogether a bad idea, but considering the haphazard way the industry is run, and the special way we hype and celebrate random mediocrity, the result of this merger hasn’t been an all-round success.
In October 2012, one of Nigeria’s screen goddesses (I loosely use that term) Miss Tonto Dike, decided it was time to follow the footsteps of her elder sisters by jumping on the music bandwagon.
Considering the fact that she had earned notoriety in the movie industry with her sometimes questionable conduct and many controversies, the public outcry at her announcement was not unexpected.
Tonto made good her promise and delivered (3) official singles. (I’m not going to get into the reactions, you already know, don’t you? After all, you dey dia! Lol)
Moving on, we waited for the singles, it came. We waited for the videos, it came. And then, we waited for her stage performance: and it came!  It came in the usual Tonto Dike fashion:  a lot of window dressing, fanfare, and packaging, but very little substance.
Coming on the AY LIVE stage with hooded dancers, and wearing white granny pants (sorry bum shorts) and a white sleeveless top with black bow tie, blond wig and black shades, she cut quite the picture.
Kicking off the performance with her latest single ‘Jeje’, and then, doing a mash up of her other singles : ‘Itz over’ and ‘Crazically fit’, it was not much of a performance, as Tonto chose to lip sync  rather than actually sing. (Who can blame her though? Singing isn’t exactly one of her strong points)
She obviously spent a lot of time rehearsing with her dancers, because the moves were well delivered, and coordinated if not spectacular. Too bad, Tonto kept pulling at her high waist bum shorts, to stop her lower butt cheeks from spilling out.
In the end, it was like watching a dance crew, perform to a medley of unfamiliar songs.
Even with the blond wig, Tonto did not stand out as a performer. She blended in with her dancers so much; you actually have to concentrate in order to pick her out.  At the end of the set, the impression gotten is that she spent too much time, trying to get the dance moves right, instead of connecting with her audience and drawing them into the performance.
I must however applaud Miss Tonto for putting some effort into preparing her stage set, which is more than I can say for some ‘super stars’.  However, if you really want to do this seriously dear, get a vocal coach, employ a song writer and work with talented producers.

*Folayan is the Editor-In-Chief at DearArtiste.com and an radio presenter at Nigeria Info 99.3

(Source: TheNetNg)

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