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Terry G Beats Up Ay Dot Com!

Terry G Beats Up Ay Dot Com!


Both parties mentioned do not enjoy the best of relationship for some years now, no one knew it would result into a physical fight, until they finally engaged each other in a severe boxing match recently that finally earned AY a serious head but from TerryG.

For the purpose of those who may not have understood the whole story, let me give you a hint on what made them have a bad relationship. In 2009, AY Dot com launched an attack on Terry G and warned him to stop performing his song, “Pass Me Your Love” in shows. The song which featured Terry and was also produced by him turned out to be a monster hit single later became the subject of a misunderstanding between the two parties over the years.

While Terry on his part claims he has the right of performing the song since it was a duet that featured him, AY Dot Com maintained it was never going to happen while he lives.
Meanwhile, AY on several occasions lamented of how Terry G went about collecting money on his behalf to perform the song without his consent.

Now from the story, you can see they both have history which has finally caused a physical fight where punches were exchanged and bottles were broken at Terry G’s Iju home.
An eyewitness said, ‘AY came in the company of some friends as a sign of solidarity to celebrate with the ‘Intellectual Mad Man’ on his birthday and upon sighting him, Terry G Immediately threw caution to the wind and all the madness in him was let lose, as he punched AY severally and landed him an headbutt.

AY upon being rescued reached out for the next available weapon but was immediately intercepted by friends and colleagues. AY was immediately seen to the gate of the compound with bruises all over his body.

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