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She’s Faking It! Here’s How You Can Tell

She’s Faking It! Here’s How You Can Tell



So you as a guy just got done with a heavy weight “wrestling” match in the bedroom, and are feeling like King Kong cos the whole time you girl was shouting and screaming and calling you “Daddy”, and telling you “not to stop”. After X minutes, you’re done, and you roll over thinking “Damn I’m good.” Of course after telling you that “Oh baby that was good. I came multiple times” All is good in your world except, in her mind she’s thinking “This boy is thinking he has done something serious… *hiss*“

A lot of times, you guys have no idea when a girl actually has an O, and when she’s faking it and telling you stories of the sky falling when it was happening.

Here are some signs of how you can tell she’s faking it:

1. Heavy Breathing

Unless she has lungs of steel, the intensity of the Big O should make anyone breath heavily. If it’s the real deal, then it should be almost impossible for her to keep her regular breathing pattern. So if you’re done and she’s just breathing normally, then she is most likely faking it OR she’s Wonder Woman, which in that case she can get one herself.

2. Back to your regular scheduled program

So you guys are done, and 5 mins later she’s back to knitting, or finishing up her project. Yeah, something is not right. Actually this is one of the quickest ways to know. After the Big O, she’ll need to rest and relax for a certain period for regain that energy expended. If she’s back to her regular scheduled program in a few, then she’s faking it.

3. Oscar Nominee Performance

Yea Yea Yea, we all know sex can be intense and all, but if she’s turned into an adult film actress (yea they fake it) then she’s probably faking it. The excessive screaming, shouting, ‘spank me(s)’, etc most times are fake. Not saying she’ll be lying there like a log of wood, but if it’s excessive then it’s fake. Faking it during the act itself, in turn means she’s going to fake the finale. So there, pretty easy to detect this.

4. Temperature Rising.

Another easy way to know if she’s faking it is if her body temperature doesn’t rise. After the O, the temperature always rises because of the intensity. It’s biological. Now unless she’s a cold-blooded animal, you should expect her body to a bit warm.

5. Sweaty

This is pretty self explanatory. The sweat has to be showing if you’ve both done some work. Even if the AC is on full blast, the skin gotta be a bit sweaty. It can’t be as dry as you started off with. If the climax did in fact happen, the blood pressure, high level of tension, and increased heart rate will induce some sweating.

6. Dilated Pupils

This is pretty difficult to catch because 1. it might be dark, 2. it’s kinda creepy looking into her pupils to see if she had an O. But if you’re able to pull it off, then it’ll be ultimate sign of whether it happened or not.

7. Muscle Contractions

This is another one that’s hard to fake but you have to be a bit attentive to catch it. During an O, the muscles down there involuntarily contract, so it feels like your magic stick is being gripped. It’s pretty obvious when you feel it. However it’s worth noting that some women has the special skill of controlling it for pleasure, but it’s definitely a sure sign of if she’s faking it or not.


So there you have it. 7 ways to know if/when she’s faked the deal. There’s actually more, like she’s an actor, or she’s done before you, but we wont go into all that.

Bottom line is, a lot of faking is going on, and as a woman my small civic duty is to at least let some secrets out of the bag, and help men know when their wives, gfs, one night stands are faking it. You never know, I might be saving a marriage or 2. I mean 48% of women fake it, and I’m sure out of that 48% some just don’t know how to get one (we’ll get to that another time), and fake it by default.


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