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iPhone 6 to have front & back screens (Photo)

iPhone 6 to have front & back screens (Photo)


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APPLE could give the iPhone 6 curved screens on BOTH SIDES in its most radical redesign yet. A patent taken out by the tech giants in 2011 describes the new shape, which also ditches the iconic home button. This would be a bold move by the brand — as every iPhone to date has featured the single key below the screen

The design features a huge, wraparound AMOLED display which has no border — instead providing top-to-bottom screen space. It is also said to create “an illusion of depth perception” and be capable of “mimicking a 3D experience”.These images of what it could look like were created by designer Nikolay Lamm for website myvouchercodes.co.uk.

Writing on the site, he played down the idea that this could be the phone to finally win the smartphone war. He said: “It’s a cool design, but one which is unlikely to give Apple a sustainable competitive advantage. “If Samsung sees that Apple’s curved iPhone is selling well, it can come out with a curved phone of its own.”

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Nikolay also issued his own rallying cry to the company’s top bosses, adding: “Apple needs to look to new frontiers, new products, in order to be the ‘think different’ Apple it was under Steve Jobs.”

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