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I don’t have to be close to everybody- Tonto Dikeh (Interview)


Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh no doubt, is a beauty to behold but behind that beauty face and lovely skin is a woman who doesn’t give a d*mn about what negativities one spreads about her.

A lot of people in and out of the industry see her as a snob and arrogant who has problems relating with people.
Tonto has defended herself, stating that she has no problems at all relating with people. “It’s very interesting to know that they view me in that light. I do my work and leave the location; I don’t have problems relating with people. I don’t have to be close to everybody.
We are all working towards one goal; I can’t be friends with everyone on set. I love me and I am cool,” she said.
And on charities, like her colleagues who often involved in it and make a big noise about it, Tonto confessed that she won’t ever join the bandwagon of such people.

In her words “I do lots of charities but I don’t make noise about them. I am involved with so many organizations. Presently, I am working with an organization in Liberia. Liberia has so many rape victims, abandoned children and youths.

We have a foundation that takes care of such people within and outside Liberia. Aside this, I do my underground charity and give back to the society what it has given me.”

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